The power of AI

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  • We are your independent and reliable partner for conducting data-driven second opinions for transfer deals.
  • We deliver full due diligence reports on specific transfers within days.
  • Our results have proven to be 30% more accurate than our competitors.

“Elevate your transfers with unbeatable accuracy – your data-driven advantage”

More than transfer values

For clubs by clubs

As we pioneered the development of the premier transfer value predictor in the industry, valuable feedback from our clients illuminated their desire for insights beyond just a player's price tag. Combining this feedback with market insights, we've crafted comprehensive models to delve into all the facets highlighted below.

Our proposition

Licencees since December 2023

We assist our partners by crafting comprehensive Due Diligence Reports for (potential) upcoming transfers. These reports encompass three standard formats:

  • Buying Report: Tailored for the final stages of player acquisition;
  • Active Selling Report: Ideal for identifying potential buyer destinations when selling a player;
  • Selling Negotiation Report: Perfect for situations where a club has received an offer and seeks strategic guidance.

In addition, licencees have exclusive access to custom analyses from our extensive databases and artificial intelligences. Examples of past analyses include:

  • Quarterly monitoring of 100 players' prices;
  • Identifying similar players;
  • Strategising for the replacement of key players.
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